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We offer a variety of cost-effective Basement Waterproofing Solutions, customized to your home Las Vegas, NV 89110 - (844) 529-5817 Your basement may not be filled with water, but that does not mean that it is waterproof. Water could be collecting in places you don’t realize and weakening the foundation your home relies on. The longer these problems persist, the more consequential they become. If left untreated, they can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home. Water is incredibly efficient at seeping into any area where it can, and without proper waterproofing, small openings, cracks, and leaks because of major issues.

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Waterproofing your basement is virtually ensuring that there is a barrier between your home and the groundwater outside, there are a few means to do so, and while some rely on the addition of objects such as a membrane cover, others rely on creating a void or space for water to collect, whether through a drain, weeping tile or other means. When you need the right waterproofing solution for your home, you can trust in the expertise and knowledge that the professionals bring, with years of experience in bringing the specific addition to your home. Wet Basement Problem Checklist : -Wet or damp basement floor -Leaking or damp basement walls -Pooling or standing water -Leaky basement windows -Crystalline deposit on concrete surfaces (efflorescence) -Musty odours -Mould or mildew -Condensation -High humidity -Sump pump issues -Dry rot

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Many of the Basement Waterproofing repair plans we offer also include aspects of Structural Repair and Exterior Water Management.

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